Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting recommendations

This is a great thing for authors like myself, I would love lots of recommendations to read what I've written. I'll admit it would increase the sales of my books, could even make my books best sellers. This doesn't necessarily apply to social network sites as hiring managers don't pay attention. Most of the people that are recommending you don't really know and hiring managers know this. I've even had letters of recommendation with me at interviews that were ignored. It's just not a part of the process they use to decide whether to hire you or not. I'll admit I have absolutely no recommendations on social networking career sites from my connections.

You'll be more successful demonstrating you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for. This needs to be a part of your resume and you need stories that demonstrate it in an interview. After I began having a few of these stories ready in advance I was much more successful. This is part of what got me the job I'm working at now and the last three or four jobs. You need to keep the stories short and to the point for the best results. They usually have a number of candidates to interview for a specific position.

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