Monday, January 16, 2012

More on keywords

Earlier today I was uploading another book to Amazon and one of the things you have to think of is keywords. How will they find your book if you don't have good keywords? This same concept applies to every time you apply for a job anywhere. You need the appropriate keywords for your particular field in the application. Without them you will not get found I assure you. It is also one of the factors that they use to select your application or resume for further consideration.

What are keywords you might ask if you haven't been reading this blog before now. Simply they are identifiers that are specific to a given job, usually skill sets and particular knowledge. For retail customer service which is what I do it is words like communication, cash drawer, etc. When I worked in call centers it was also touch typing, Outlook and a few others. It really depends on the position that you are applying for on what keywords that you use. They are a very important part of the selection process and will continue to be.

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