Monday, January 2, 2012


The last two days I've been setting up keywords for a couple of my books in the Kindle store. I remember thinking about how keywords for the book and keywords in resume are a bit a like. To be found you need the correct keywords in both cases, it's that simple. At the same time it's also difficult to know what keywords to use and where exactly they are at. Well, since there aren't exactly lists of keywords like there used to be you have to know where else to look. In most cases I find them in the job postings that I'm applying to.
Sometimes the keywords aren't listed in the ads. Those keywords are for skills that considered integral to the position. This could very well be a specific software suite like Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. Knowing what these special skills are is what comes with studying what they are looking for in that job. I can tell you that call centers in particular are looking for people that know Microsoft Office well. This is because I've worked in call centers before, four of them to be exact.

Each job has a different set of requirements, there is no way that I could cover them all. I just recommend spending some time looking at ads for the keywords. Don't apply for a bit, you're just looking for keywords as a part of this exercise. It won't take long once you are focusing on the words themselves for the keywords to begin jumping out at you. A clue here would be looking at a half dozen ads for a position and see the same word in three ads that's probably a keyword.

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