Thursday, January 5, 2012


A way that I like to look at everything that you present during a job hunt is what I think of as packaging. Next time you are in a store take a close look at the boxes that you see. Notice the writing and the pictures on the box, they are designed to catch your eye. They are designed to make you want to purchase the item that is in the box or packaging. Quite often there are also TV, radio and internet ads that do some of the same thing for when you are not at the store. All of this is marketing in its purest sense and its how you need to look at the job hunt.

How all of this correlates to the job hunt is that you need to market yourself just like all of those packages. Your resume, body language, how you dress and speak are all sending messages. They are in fact your advertising and directly relate to how others view you in every situation. All of it has to work together in unison to sell you to a prospective employer. Once you have everything working together you begin to take control of the situation. You can't help but become a success and get the job.

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