Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Social Networking

From what I've been reading social networking sites will take a primary role in job hunting. I'm really not entirely sure that this will be the case. There have been some improvements with social networking apps that are specific to job hunting. Having played around with them a bit they work pretty well to tell you the truth. Right now though the social networking apps won't work on most cell phone web browsers. This probably needs to change for them to be truly useful as you really need the ability to be mobile. In fact right now I know people that have no home internet service, they do everything through their cell phone.

Personally while social networking is great, can't go very long without checking out my Facebook account. I would probably go through withdrawals if I couldn't pull up Facebook for a couple of days. Some of the groups will run pretty well in a mobile web browser like my own "Get The Job" job hunt group. Come to think of it this blog is also set up for coming up well in a mobile web browser. In my mind every web site has to be set up to come up on a mobile browser because that's where the job hunt is headed. Mobile is really where it's at and will be far into the future. When they make the social networking job hunt apps to work on mobile devices is when they will truly be useful.

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