Thursday, May 10, 2012

1378 Oak Street [Kindle Edition] by Lovely Whitmore

My review for 1378 Oak Street by Lovely Whitmore

There's a very folksy feel to this book, a style that reminded me a bit of the feel of Samuel Clemens writing. Actually, it was quite refreshing to see this style of writing, it made it extra engaging for me. As I was reading about Lovely's life growing up it reminded me of my own growing up in Minnesota many years ago. While this story is the story of someone elses childhood it might just get you thinking about your own. I know that it did for me. This story has been written with a touch of humor throughout that I really enjoyed. Some of them really had me chuckling.

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The books description: 

Growing up in Atlanta Georgia in the 80's was full of fun, friendship and lots of adventures for me and my siblings.

Especially on Oak Street!

Even though we weren't rich we learned how to take what we had and have fun. Whether we were playing restaurant, making mud pies and barbecue chicken out of sticks and dirt; or playing monster chase games, or even taking turns riding on one bike, there was never a dull moment for us kids.

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