Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grocery Shopping

You know that song "I can't drive 55" by Sammy Hagar? Well, I lived it. Apparently I couldn't exactly keep from speeding and other laws like having insurance. Now, because of it for the last several years I haven't had a drivers license. I'm not entirely sure I want one again either every time I go by a gas station and see the price of gas. The stuff has gotten expensive lately and it will get more expensive. I'll admit I laughed at a couple of the Presidential candidates trying to say they could guarantee gas at $2/gallon if elected. That just isn't going to happen ever again in the US. A lot of others also feel the same way and now those candidates are no longer candidates thankfully.

Getting back on track, going to get groceries is in interesting experience for me. I don't call a cab or take the bus. My bicycle and a cargo trailer that I have does the trick for me. The cargo trailer I think maxes out at about 80 Kg of groceries when fully loaded which is quite a bit. While it's a little difficult to get started moving, once you do all of that weight helps push you along nicely.

It ends up being pretty efficient for me and I'll admit the exercise does me good. If I lived farther from the store than I do I would probably do something different for going grocery shopping. Luckily, traffic isn't too bad in the city I live in and the streets I go down aren't the heaviest traveled.

Later today, I'll be headed to get the main groceries for the month. I'm glad it's only one main trip per month also, really wouldn't want to do it more often. Have a great day.

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