Friday, May 11, 2012

Whole World In A Raindrop

   I decided to experiment a bit with my writing, this story is one of the results. I don't know if I'll do more fantasy pieces but writing this was really fun. It's good to grow as an author by taking little excursions once in a while.

   Quite the downpour it was minutes earlier. Terry decided to see if there was any damage to his flowers in the garden. A veritable rainbow of colors just outside his door. Chamomile, Roses, Verbena and Echinacea all delightful when he used the flowers and leaves to make tea. Such a delight for him was the experience, scent would fill the house just as the yard.

   Getting closer to inspect the flowers it seemed as if the scent was stronger. All of the smells of the city were gone, taken away by the rain. Terry decided that he would take a break and enjoy his garden. An empty bucket became his stool as he sat by the beauty. It didn't really concern him that the bucket was a bit wet, he sat down on it by the flowers.

   As he sat there quietly he noticed the sound of the dripping of the raindrops from the flowers and trees.



   A cricket began to chirp from under some hiding place. Worms appeared from the ground. The rustle of leaves sounded from the release of the water that had fallen on them. Soon Terry was getting lost in those sounds also that were so refreshing to the heart and mind.

   A drip appeared at the tips of one of the verbena leaves. He had watched it start to build on the surface and become a drop. So slowly it made its way along the leaf, soon hanging below it. Building a bit larger, it finally let go and found its way to the ground.


   Terry blinked with the sound of the drop hitting the ground. He began looking for another one to watch. Next to the Verbena an Echinacea was in full bloom. Drops were appearing on the petals. Each building to become larger drops themselves. Lost in contemplation of the moment Terry focused on a single drop on the petals. It was getting larger and Terry was enthralled.

   Then glistening began to appear around him in the air. Into the raindrop Terry was pulled. His body still sitting on the bucket, his consciousness part of the rain drop. It was a bit of a shock at first to look out at himself. After a moment he decided he liked being part of the drop now.

   Soon, the drop got heavier and began to fall from the flower petal. It felt as if he were stretching really thin while he fell within the raindrop. Then, just before the drop was about to hit he separated from the drop. He began to be carried by the sparkles towards the clouds above.

   Looking around in amazement at his new friends it was like they were dancing. With each movement of the sparkles they went higher and higher. Soon, he was within the clouds and he could see others like him. A cacophony of sparkles all around moving in a fantastic dance.

   Carried upon the wind the cloud moved farther and farther. Land gave away to the ocean beyond. Waves churned up by the wind as the cloud began to descend. Closer and closer it came to the surging water until they became one. Waves, sparkles, fellow travelers all dancing together and merging to become one entity. Time seemed to pass away into forever even if it really was just a moment.

   Soon, the sparkles carried all the entities like Terry up above again. They all continued to dance around as higher and higher they went. All of them lost in the amazing passage until over land again. Then the group began to separate, each one going in a different direction. All of them surrounded by the dancing sparkles.

   After a while Terry began to descend once again getting closer and closer to where he had been when the journey started. His body was still positioned on the bucket by the flowers. The sparkles guided him to his body again where he left the sparkles behind. His eyes opened and he shook his head in amazement. He watched the last of the sparkles leave and he wanted to join them again but it was not to be.

   Terry sat for a while on the bucket watching the last of the drops fall from the leaves and flowers. When he realized they weren't coming back he finally got up from the bucket and slowly made his way to the house. This would be something that he would never forget he thought to himself. He couldn't ever tell anyone either, they just wouldn't believe it. At the same time, he would never look at a raindrop the same way again.

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  1. This is a great story and I hope you DO write more fantasy!


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