Thursday, December 8, 2011

A brighter future

While I don't know how the job market is elsewhere entirely it does seem to be on the way to picking up here. We are having a couple of new call centers opening up here even if they are small call centers. There are also two data centers opening but it will be a while for them, about another year. I've also been seeing some nationwide ads for managers for car rental companies and some others. It's beginning to look to me that we have turned the corner on unemployment but it will take a long time to make a real dent.

For the next few years there will be a lot of competition for any available jobs. That is just a fact of life these days and will be for a while yet. Still, I personally know people that have found full time jobs the last few months and many others that have found part time jobs. In April 2010 I started at the job I'm working, went to 32 hours per week in June 2010 and last month went to 40 hours per week. That's why I say that part time jobs can become full time jobs. Don't be afraid of taking a part time job, it just might work out well for you as it has for me.

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