Sunday, December 4, 2011

In the past, a lot of call centers

Having worked in a few call centers in the past I learned one main thing. Always be ready at a moments notice to kick off your job hunt again. There was so many times that I would go into work and a coworker that I knew had just lost their job. Some of them I really felt were good friends. More than once I was only one left from an entire work team at that call center. This kind of experience does scar you a bit I'll admit when you have lived it. It can't help but affect you in some ways.

With my experience at the call centers I pull out my resume and dust it off about once every three months. Then I look it over to see what I might want to edit and rewrite to improve it. When you are hunting for job an effectively written resume will always shorten your job hunt more than anything else. While I've been very successful finding jobs the last few years it still isn't something that I like doing. Still, I always make sure I'm prepared at all times, there's been more than once I'm glad that I was ready.

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