Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'll never forget one time a few years ago as I look out at the present lightly falling snow. I had an interview for an appointment setting position with a roofing company. It was snowing a lot earlier that day, there was about six inches of snow on the ground. Since I ride a bicycle everywhere I ended up getting to the interview soaked up to my chest. Snow plows passing me doused me with slush, slush and snow splashed up from the tires. By the time that I got to the interview I was feeling a bit miserable as wet and cold as I was.

It ended up that I did get the job though it did turn out that I'm not a very good appointment setter. After going from door to door through several neighborhoods I never did get one appointment set up. Looking back I've thought about why he hired me on that day. It wasn't because he thought I was great appointment setter material, it was because I showed determination. Most people wouldn't have shown up to the interview when they ride a bike as primary transportation especially during a heavy snow.

If you can show that you are determined you will be a more successful job seeker when you do look for a job. You are showing the attitude that you will get the job done, the business will be more successful. This can't ever hurt your chances regardless of the job market or the unemployment rate. That seems to be a general trait of all us who found employment during the last few years. Don't ever be afraid of showing a can-do attitude when you are seeking a new job or career.

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