Friday, January 27, 2012


Any achievements that you have had at jobs that you have worked at are very important. These are something that you need to bring attention to if at all possible. Especially the ones like employee of the month, college honor roll and security clearances. Other achievements that are very useful is if you've been given a leadership position. This apparently is something a couple of companies are looking for like Walmart. It really depends on the employer for the leadership position being called attention to as some ignore that.

Just about everyone has some kind of achievement in their career if they think about it. It might be that an employer had given you more hours of work in the last few years. That's an achievement in and of itself but save calling attention to it until the interview. Since behavioral interviews are what most employers will use it would be easy to add in at the right place. If you do take this approach make sure you also have a small story ready about why you were given more hours. Put that way you can easily see how it can be turned into an achievement and increase your chances.

To an extent achievements show your ability to excel in the job. That is the purpose of including them at the appropriate places of the process. This way the prospective employer will see that you will also excel with them also. There's been more than once in my own career searches that my achievements are why I was chosen for an interview. There is another achievement that works very well that I've found works well. It is if you went permanent after having worked as a temp employee at a company. At one I had no other achievements and therefore that was the only one. Put it on your resume then, otherwise then you mention during the interview.

While it was only during one job hunt after I worked for ICT Group it was an achievement. It went on my resume and looked great, made me more successful at getting interviews. The very next job which was with HP I managed to get employee of the month once. That was when I dropped the bullet point regarding becoming permanent at ICT Group. It really wasn't necessary to list any longer as employee of the month is a stronger achievement. However, I still mentioned becoming permanent during interviews to demonstrate I could excel.

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