Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unsolicited calls

I was reading one of the most interesting articles the other day. It was regarding receiving unsolicited calls from recruiters for a position they had open. Thinking about it that is a really good measure of how effective your posted resumes are. It was always nice to receive these when I was hunting for a job a couple of years ago. If you're receiving these types of calls you actually have written a very good resume. You might need to work on some other things in your job hunt so that you can achieve success.

However, if you are not receiving these types of calls you need to go back to the drawing board. When you read your resume does it entice you to take a closer look at you? If it doesn't then you really do need to rewrite it so that it can be more effective. The whole idea of a resume is that it advertises you, it entices someone to take a closer look. They will want to know more about you with a well written one and call you in for an interview. Believe me, you want these types of calls when you are hunting for a job. They have always made me feel really good when I've gotten one of these calls.

Quite often these calls will come within three days after you've reposted your resume. Now I don't know why entirely that is, but you need to repost your resume every few days. This will increase the chances of these calls happening. A few months ago I actually had one of these calls and I'm not in the market for employment. It was for a position at a call center that is fairly close to where I live here in Colorado Springs. What I had done is update parts of my resume on a couple of sites which I guess brought my resume up.

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