Monday, January 23, 2012

Social media and the job hunt

The last few years job hunting has been moving more and more to social media sites. This is a trend I foresee will become an even bigger one in the future. There are a couple of pages on Facebook and LinkedIn that list jobs and allow you to make connections. This is nice to be able to keep up with your regular life and to job search at the same site. What has surprised me a bit is to begin seeing some postings that are only done on Twitter. I would primarily recommend twitjobsearch for this right now. In another year or so there will be more coming since there's beginning to be enough openings posted.

Social media is a part of our lives whether we like it or not. Some of the companies that I've worked were a little afraid of what might be posted about them. Since they can't control what that might be maybe they shouldn't have bothered with it. Some of your best chances in finding employment will be through social networking. There is no doubt about that and it shows that you have skills they are looking for.

It is great making a connection on one of the social networking sites. There still will be a need for making person to person connections. You know automatically if you are meeting someone that you like someone or not. Interviewers are no different in this, within seconds they will have made a decision or not. If they like what they see when they first meet you will usually lean their decision one way. Still, that's besides the point. Social networking is here to stay and it's going to be a large part of the job market.

Think about it, would you rather pay a newspaper to post your listing or would you rather have it free? Companies look at it the same exact way, it lowers their costs of doing business. Because of that it will become a larger part of the job market. Also because social networking is moving more and more to mobile devices is another. You can pull up the listings and apply just about anywhere. Right now if I needed to I could submit my resume and cover letter from my phone.

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