Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working in retail

From the research that I've conducted retail is one of the brightest spots in the job market these days. There is quite a bit of hiring going on at numerous companies. There is a couple of caveats I will mention here however. One, quite often the pay isn't the highest you're going to find elsewhere in the job market. Two, the hours and work/life balance may not be the absolute best for you. Still, I always look at the fact that having a paycheck is better than not having one. You just may have to downgrade some expectations a little bit.

That is presently where I am working is in retail for my day job. At first, it was for part time only where I only worked 24 hours per week. Now after almost two years I am actually getting 40 hours per week which is nice. Though my wife and I do have to live a bit on the frugal side it is a rather comfortable existence now. Based on my personal experience working in retail can be a very good choice for anyone. I'll just warn you that quite often that just about all retail jobs start out at part time. But if you apply yourself on the job it can turn into a full time position.

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