Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Search success

It is sometimes very hard to know where the best places are to get a job. Where there used to be a lot of postings there no longer are as many as used to be. From my personal experience Craigslist has been the number one place for me to find jobs. Of the last four employers that I've worked for three of them listed the opening on Craigslist. This includes the retail establishment that I am employed at for almost two years now. Therefore I recommend highly searching for openings on Craigslist.

More recently there have been some search engines that search Craigslist openings. A few of these search also have mobile apps available so that you can check for openings anywhere. There are also a few apps and web sites that search Twitter for openings. While I personally didn't see a lot of job openings posted on Twitter it's still worth a look. What I did like most about the Craigslist app is that I could respond and apply where I'm at. If you have a smart phone you need a text copy of your cover and resume ready. That way you can submit for the job on the spot.

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