Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eye of the beholder

It is important when you are talking to the interviewer to have eye contact. I'm not talking about giving them a stare down. My best technique was to use a look direct into their eyes every once in a while. This was especially when I was making an important point during an interview. I was attempting to use my body language as if it were a kind of exclamation mark at the appropriate places. Also eye contact shows that you are interested in what the interviewer is saying.

Learning to use eye contact appropriately is one of the acting skills that you need to learn. Effective use will decrease your job hunt considerably and start earning that paycheck sooner. People send involuntary signals constantly and never know it. Eye contact is one of those all important methods that signals and speaks volumes. At one time I was sending signals that I didn't want to send and I didn't want to send. Quite often I stared at the floor, never looking the interviewer in the eye. This was taken as a lack of interest and cost me the job every time.

You can control what signals your body is sending. I'm am proof of that very fact because of my success at gaining employment many times 2007-2010. Take a look at a professional poker player sometime. They control every movement during play, every movement that could "tell" an opponent what they are thinking. This gives them an advantage when their opponent sends "tells" and they don't. This same concept applies to interviews so send the signals you want them to read. They end up with the image you want them to see and a greater chance of getting the job.

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