Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is a new effort that attempts to connect social networking, conventional job boards and the interview process all in one site. This is a development that I have been expecting to happen for a while now. There have been some efforts into building employment searches into social network platforms. There have also been efforts to build recruiter/candidate connections (LinkedIn in particular). appears to be the first one to completely combine all of it into one platform.
This is something that is rather exciting and I'm expecting more of the same. It really is coming to the job search that you won't have to leave home at all. You'll be able to search for jobs, apply, test and get interviewed all from the comfort of your home. Can you imagine how much time that will actually save you when you look for a job? I can see it taking off also because it so streamlines the process for companies. Another thing that will help it get started is that it is free for companies and for candidates. It may not be free later on but it is for now.

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