Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Job hunt clothing

As a rule you should look very professional and to impress. Probably the farthest I went was when I wore a three piece suit to a Kmart interview two years ago this month. My outfit and of course my answers impressed and I got the job. This wasn't for a management position either, it was for a job in stock and customer service. While not everyone has three piece suits in their closet they do need to dress for success. It greatly increases chances for getting the job the better dressed that you are.

Now, at the Kmart I worked at I never got very many hours. Quite often I had 16 hours per week during the time I was employed there. It was a great stepping stone to the job I'm working at now in commissioned retail. If I didn't have the job at Kmart at the time I'm not sure I would have gotten the job that I'm at. For the job I'm at I wore black slacks and a white button up shirt. I looked sharp at the interview, sounded good too as the manger and I clicked during the interview.

Notes to young job seekers. Wearing T-shirts and blue jeans to an interview will cost you. You need to look very professional during this time. If your slacks look really loose I wouldn't hire you, most managers think like I do. Loose slacks or pants show me that you don't care about yourself or about what I want you to do on the job. I highly recommend that women have at least one very conservative plain blouse. For men I recommend a very conservative shirt and a tie that matches. Preferably you need more than one as you don't know how many interviews you'll be called for. Slacks need to be straight legged for men, slacks on women can be somewhat looser though skirts are probably better. Whatever you choose to wear do your best to impress.

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