Thursday, February 2, 2012

Touch typing expertise

Over the last few years when I've had to hunt for a job there was one skill that was best to have. That skill was touch typing above all others that I offered. It made it easier to type up my resume, create cover letters and apply for jobs. Since I was applying for customer service jobs it was a powerful selling point. It's also one that doesn't require a certificate, you just have to prove it when asked to test. For some jobs I can tell they will test your skill also usually on a computer set up specifically for that.

Being of an older school I like using one of the old typing books from school set up next to the computer. Then I just open up a word processor and begin typing with my watch set up near the top of the keyboard. Those books are getting much harder to find these days though I'll admit. You could take any book, open it up next to the computer and pretty much do the same thing. Just make sure that your typing is timed, the idea is to improve and not make errors. Or least make less errors overall when typing and to increase speed.

There are also many online typing tutors that are available for you to try. They have timed exercises that are available at each of the sites. Used everyday your speed and accuracy will increase which will improve what you write. It doesn't matter what it is that you are writing at the moment. My recommendation is to take several days, about 15-25 minutes per day to set aside for typing practice. Don't spend any longer than that as it probably won't help much. Besides, it gets tiresome and you can get frustrated at the process.

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