Monday, January 30, 2012

Temporary jobs

There are many temporary jobs out there regardless of the economy. Many of them can look really good on a resume if it applies to a specific job. While there is of course the temp agency jobs that so many have worked at there are also others. I'll cover those in a little bit later on. On some of the temp agency positions I recommend putting the company you were assigned to as your employer. This is especially if the company is a highly recognizable name like one on my resume which is HP. In some of these cases I wouldn't even call attention to the fact you were under contract and I don't.

Now on to the other ones that I mentioned earlier. These might be beta testing software that a company might be using. I actually had Windows7 and Office 2007 beta testing on my resume as a job for a while. This of course applies to call centers and office jobs in general. It also applies to some technical jobs that are out there, it shows that you can learn new things. Of course, if the job I'm going for is as a brick layer I'm not sure I would even bring it up until after I'm hired. It's only if it applies that I bring it up to an employer. Also, since both of those are now regular everyday software so I don't mention them now. They don't look impressive now.

Other things that I actually did that I could have used as employment listings. One was assisting at a local non-profit in their employment office. At the time I didn't need it for a resume but it could have easily been an employment listing on one. This was even though assisting at the non-profit was unpaid and so was the beta testing. If you've been out of work a long time you have a hole to fill in your work history. Volunteer work can be made to look just any other job that you've worked at.

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